May 18, 2012

Kitchen Reveal

Posted by Kristin

Alrightly folks- here's the final room in my apartment tour I've been doing recently. The kitchen is probably the room that received the most work but is also where I spend alot of my time. Just to review, here are some befores, originally shared here.

The island came with the kitchen, and while functional, wasn't really my style.

It was just a stove in a corner in desperate need of storage.

The cabinets used to be plain wood and received a coat of white paint.
The back-splash, a dated faux marble pattern, got covered in a gray laminate-safe paint.


The view from the deck outside.

A beautiful, new island, custom built by my dad. I also repurposed an old window into a
chalkboard., a convenient spot to write grocery lists and other fun messages.

The window received 3 coats of chalkboard spray
paint and some red paint on the trim.

The island adds much needed storage and a broad work space to cook.

Opposite the chalkboard wall is more storage.

Ikea stainless steel shelves and hanging racks offer alot of convenient storage and a
hanging basket holds  frequently used produce.

A large white frame holds a torn out magazine page of an apple. Free art!

With no cabinet or counter next to the stove, we really needed something.
I purchased a narrow cabinet from a salvage store and painted it white.
It got topped with a wood counter that matches the island.

$20 got me this solid wood cabinet. It just needed some white paint and a countertop and was good to go.

More Ikea shelves and puck lights under the cabinets add storage and good task lighting.

Space above the cabinets offers storage for white
 platters and a plant cozies up the corner.

I will never go back to a knife block again.
This was the best $8 I've spent so far at Ikea.

Its nice to be able to keep soap, sponges and towels clear from the sink area.

One of my favorite spots in the kitchen. I love pantries.

The view from the dining room. A bright and happy space.

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