May 6, 2012

Natural Renewal

Posted by Kristin

Any health nuts out there? Or wanna-be's? I probably fall somewhere in the middle. Make your life a little easier and head over to the great, chock-full-of-info-and-recipes blog Natural Renewal. With a focus on nutrition and natural remedies and recipes, the author and nutrionist (and family friend) Ana Elizabeth has a wealth of tasty knowledge to share. She also shares about some big life changes (like dealing with the possibility of never walking again) that made her reassess what she was putting into her body and how she could greatly contribute to her own healing through simple, natural steps.

The guru herself: Ana Elizabeth.

Check out this current recipe for cooking with Spaghetti Squash, a "carboholic's best friend" as she puts it.


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  1. Re: the Spaghetti Squash,
    With it I suggest you consider trying the healthy (there are tons of sugar in most sauces in a jar) RAO's traditional or basil sauce. It has no sugar and beats most taste tests hands down. Seems as sweet or sweeter than the added sugar type. Expensive but sometimes on sale.I have tried a lot of people's homemade sauces but I still rather have Rae's balance of ingredients and the fact they use good ripe tomatoes.

    I once toured a name brand factory in which they made catchup. You wouldn't believe how bad the quality of the tomatoes that they used.

    Re: sugar, there is nearly 40 teaspoons full of sugar in the average bottle of tomato catchup