May 26, 2012

Quinn Popcorn: The New Wave in Microwave Popcorn

Posted by Kristin

I love popcorn. Not too long ago, I shared my love of popcorn and how I stumbled across a way to diy microwave popcorn. Continuing on with my love of these curious little kernels, I recently stumbled upon a new indie popcorn company called Quinn Popcorn while reading the Edible Boston food blog.

Quinn Popcorn was started by the Kristy and Coulter Lewis, a young couple who loves popcorn but not the nasty chemicals or artificial ingrediants you're exposed to with traditional microwave popcorn. Just a month after their son Quinn was born they started their company, also named Quinn. And as they put it in this article in my favorite quote of the week, "Any similarity between the two names is purely intentional."

Quinn Popcorn Founders: Coulter and Kristy Lewis. via

The Lewises know their product best, so I'll let them explain their philosophy:

Taken from their About Page:

Quinn Pop­corn is microwave pop­corn reinvented!

Our pop­corn ker­nels are organic and non-gmo. On top of that, we are ditch­ing the plas­tic and Teflon patched bags, hydro­genated oils, arti­fi­cial flavorings, and replac­ing them with recy­cled and com­postable paper, expeller pressed oils, and simple, mouth-watering ingredients.

Quinn Pop­corn is nat­ural and cul­ti­vated, our ingre­di­ents clean and pure, and the fla­vors dis­tinc­tively sweet, savory, and salty.

Plain and sim­ple, our mis­sion is to pro­vide you with the best bag of microwave pop­corn. A bag that you will feel good about shar­ing with your fam­ily and friends!

Their microwave popcorn packets are available in number of flavors, both online and in Boston-area Whole Foods stores.


I don't know about you guys, but that Vermont Maple and Sea Salt flavor sounds right up my ally. Happy Munching!

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