June 11, 2012

Baby Who's Pinterest Board

Posted by Kristin

So now that the cat's out of the bag about the whole pregnancy thing Laura and I can start to share some fun things we've been brainstorming on lately. I must admit that one of my first instincts after the whole baby-growing-inside-of-me-thing started to settle in was to start a Pinterest board for a nursery, or more affectionately, for Baby Who.

There were a couple of things I already knew I wanted or needed in the nursery, including:

  • Crib
  • Dresser with changing pad and diaper supplies
  • Some kind of rocker
  • A soft rug
  • Storage for baby clothes and toys
  • Probably a book shelf or shelves with baskets

What I have already:

  • A yellow wooden rocker chair- I actually snagged this from the dump in my parent's town years ago. The frame was solid but the wicker seat and back was shot. With the help of a friend, we pressure washed it, sanded it, removed all the rotted wicker, replaced the seat and back with wooden slats and painted it yellow. It may need a fresh coat of paint but its a solid, nice sized rocker.
  • A mid-height solid wood dresser wide enough to hold a changing pad and diaper items- I still have my dresser from my childhood at my parents house. Currently its Pepto Bismol pink but with some sanding and new paint (white) and hardware, it'll work out just fine. Plus it will be perfect for storing all of Baby Who's little clothes.
  • A medium size book case from Ikea- perfect for holding baskets, books, and whatever other inevitable baby-stuff we get.
  • A closet- while I don't technically own this, I'm pretty pysched that we have a closet in the room to stash bigger items and hang some clothes.

  • What I need to get:

  • A crib- preferably a light wood or white one with clean, simple lines.
  • A soft rug- we have a few neutral colored rugs but if money allows, I may want to get something new with some color or pattern to it.
  • Lots of other baby gear that I don't even know I need! (any experienced mamas want to help me register?)

  • What I'm pinning on Pinterest:

    Since we're waiting to find out if Baby Who is a boy or girl until their birthday, I'm leaning towards yellows and whites (so original I know!) but maybe pops of aqua or orange as well. I don't really have a theme in mind, just colors, textures and patterns.We'll just have to see how it all comes together and what I'm feeling when fall hits. I've given myself permission to not take on any major projects this summer because of a bazillion baby showers and my sister's wedding. Besides, doesn't fall just habitually cue a nesting instinct in us? It always has for me. So without further ado, here's some of the pins from the Baby Who board.

    like the yellow and blue

    really like that dresser

    boy nursery

    black, tan, turquoise nursery.

    What about you guys? Any interesting suggestions for a gender neutral nursery?

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