June 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary PEC!

Posted by PEC

Well here we are....1 year later. It was one year ago today that our first official post went up. After months and months of writing, editing, tweaking graphics and taking lots and lots of pictures, we were ready to reveal our silly selves to the world. And so we say thank you!

Thank you! 

Thank you for reading our random thoughts, projects, ideas, and posts that we thought were funny but probably weren't to anyone else.

Thank for your checking the blog frequently for new posts and commenting on ones that sparked your interest. Thank you for watching us do lots of little things that make our lives fuller, even something as simple and seemingly silly as giving our house plants a bath.

clean plant = happy plant

Thank you for reading about us making lots and lots of recipes, some of which were certainly better than others!

cinnamon buns- yum! 

Thank you for taking an interest as we transformed lots of different spaces in big and small ways.

We made a plan, then worked our plan, and it....worked!

Thank you for laughing and celebrating with us some big milestones that have happened over the last year.

Baking a human is hard work- 'nuff said.

Thank you for hearing us out when we're also brutally honest about the ups and downs of making a house a home.

Even those of us that love PECing need to take a time out every so often.

We didn't really know what PEC was going to be when we first started out on that fateful November day, or that we'd end up calling it PEC at all. We didn't really know what we were doing at all actually, except that our passions for planting, eating and creating were driving the big old bus that landed us here.

Picking stuff yourself just makes it yummier.

Teamwork makes any recipe taste better.

We've come to discover that little details make a big difference.

And to say that its been one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding things we've done in our short lives so far would be a major understatement.  Who knows where we're headed and how PEC will continue to grow and change, especially when there are two small human beings vying for our attention. But we'll continue to walk this road as long as we feel its where we're being called to walk. So thanks for walking with us and here's to hoping the next year sees even more laughter, innovative ideas and maybe even some more bad jokes.


  1. Congratulations. Keep up the great work Love PEC

  2. I look forward to reading them every few days...

  3. Happy anniversary! I've loved reading your posts so far and I can't wait to see what's in store for the future!