June 28, 2012

I Like To Move It, Move It....Again

Posted by Kristin

Aside from movin' it to this awesome 90's hit by Reel 2 Real...

Us Thomases like to move it from house to house. So in keeping with our past performance record of moving, we did it once again in mid May. Why, you may ask, did we move again after only moving last August? Well, its because we're addicted to the stress of constantly scouring Craigslist for a new place, packing up our stuff once again, and sweating our booties off hauling stuff up and down steps (why do we always live on the second floor?). Ah....not exactly. While it took a while for me to admit, our last place ultimately wasn't a good fit for Mike and I. He was hesitant about it from the beginning but I was pretty persistent and wanting to make his wife happy, he gave in. Let that prove that making someone happy isn't always the best choice, if the choice is just a bad one. Over those nine months we lived there, we observed a number of things that just weren't working for us, like:
  • Not being able to use the yard because it wasn't maintained. In fact, it was kind of dumpy looking.
  • Having ample space but only one true bedroom. 
  • Having different wall finishes in each room (paneling, plaster, faux brick) that just didn't jive together.
  • Not having a dishwasher. Oh, how we longed for a dishwasher!
  • Having to navigate a damp basement (that flooded often) every time we had to do laundry.
  • Being close to a busy, noisy road.
  • Being in an old house full of lead paint.
  • Having a good feeling there was mold above the bathroom ceiling that our landlord would not address, aside from putting in a ventilation fan.
These symptoms got our attention even more when we learned that Baby Who would be making their arrival in November. 

This little Portsmouth Brewery onesie seemed to start a gifting trend in my family.
I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that we'll be outfitting Baby Who
 in as much baby beer gear as possible.

We had decided to put off talking about moving through the winter and to review the topic again in the spring. Fortunately, we were both on the same page and agreed to only move into a new place that we both agreed upon. We made lists of our top priorities and non-negotiables and started the hunt. After much prayer, looking and nail-biting we found a great place with an even better yard and a landlord who is really on the ball. We've been here about a month and feel really blessed by our new home, especially the dishwasher. So with out further ado, here's a tour- I even busted out the video camera for this one. Welcome to our new home!


  1. Wow sounds like your scared of lead paint...I would be too with a new baby coming soon! You better check the date your house you live in now was built in, if on or before 1978, then it most likely has lead somewhere on or around the property did you ask your landlord did he/she give you any lead disclosure on it? They are required by law. Just be careful it is your right!

  2. Thanks for the comments! Yes, our new place was completely deleaded and we have the paperwork from our landlord to prove it. What we love about our new place is that alot of the original character was left (wood floors, nice moldings, etc.) but alot of other stuff was updated (kitchen, windows) along with being deleaded.