June 30, 2012

My Sea Baby

Posted by Laura

Last weekend my family got together and rented a house in Rockport, MA, a sweet little New England town located on the Northeast coast of Massachusetts. I have never been to the North Shore before, so this was a real treat. While there we shopped, we rested, we ate, and we walked along the shore. During our window shopping escapades, we came across this sweet little store called My Sea Baby located at 17 Mount Pleasant St in Rockport, MA.


Before I talk about this shop, let me give a little background about our thoughts on a nursery. Caleb has always loved the sea. Not the seashell-sandy-beach sea, but the SEA. He grew up spending many of his weekends in Rhode Island with family, he worked on a NOAA boat in college, and then worked on a lobster boat off the coast of Maine for almost a year while we were dating.

Fast forward to nursery planning and Rockport. Whether this little baby is a boy or a girl, we've got our hearts set on a nautical themed childhood/nursery for the babe (I've got some things already pinned to my "babe" pinterest board. While perusing the boutiques of Rockport we came across plenty of shops filled with nautical things, but nothing that stood out as our style...until this shop. My Sea Baby is located just off the main strip in downtown Rockport. It has such a soft feel to it (linens, muted colors, etc...). The owner, Heather Mosher, is an interior designer who started her career in Manhatten, then moved back to her hometown Rockport to open this shop. From her website:
"Mosher said her incentive is to provide 'unique, handmade, and organic' products. She supports local artists and hopes that My Sea Baby will give locals a place to go for their children's needs. She said she is also looking forward to getting her own clothing line for children up and running in a few months."

Unfortunately I didn't snap many pictures while I was in there, so I pulled some from her website: myseababy.blogspot.com. Here are some of my favorites:


soft lobsta

I love this silhouette...there's something
shipwrecked about it

And this is just fun (especially how
they're displayed on a net)

Thar she blows

I wish I had more pictures of the items in the shop. If you're ever in the area, stop by and check out the goods.

Speaking of more pictures, I just HAVE to share some of my wonderful nephews that I love so deeply. Here are just a few from our time together:

A boy and the sea

Impromptu run through the water

Loving the coast's smells and sunshine

This hose provided hours of entertainment on the hot summer day

Water in the face

Uncle love


Summertime feels so good. Enjoy your day!

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