June 3, 2012

PEC is Expanding!

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Well ladies and gents...its official. PEC is expanding. How are we growing so quickly you may ask, when we're just a little blog written by two friends? Well let me clarify a bit. I should be more clear. Technically the blog isn't expanding- well technically it is, but not so much as our bellies are. Yup, you read that right, both of us are currently baking a human. Wahoo!!!

How did this all go down, you may ask? Well with out going into the whole birds and bees story (we really hope this was covered when you were younger), let's just say that somethings happen a lot sooner than expected (Kristin) and sometimes life just decides to throw a complete surprise into the mix when you're not even looking for it (Laura).

So just to get some obvious questions out of the way, here are some FAQs:

When are you due:
Kristin: November 5th
Laura: December 28th

So wait, how far along does that mean you are:
Kristin: 17 weeks
Laura: 10 weeks

How are you feeling:
Kristin: First trimester wasn't bad at all. Felt extreme, stupidity-inducing exhaustion on a regular basis which made me go to bed super early and nap regularly and I'm so not a napper. Second trimester has been great so far. Have had some growing pains (literally) but other than that I feel kind of spoiled with good health.

Laura: Two words...puke and rally. At first I was feeling great, and then around week 7 I started to get morning sickness. Currently, I have my routine down...I throw up first thing in the morning (well, about every other morning), then I feel great the rest of the day. I would rather have this than all-day-nausea, so I'm actually kind of thankful for morning sickness because it relieves the nausea for the day. Weird? Yes. Oh yea, and I'm super-duper-seeing-double-vision tired. I hope the second trimester is all it's chalked up to be!

Did you know you were expecting before you found out:

Kristin: Sort of. I had my suspicions the day I flew back from our trip to Colorado. The last day we were there I was utterly exhausted in a way that I had never been before. I actually told Laura that I was really tired probably because I was supposed to get my monthly visitor and not to count on me for too much creative thinking as we wrapped up Lance and Holly's basement redo. That exhaustion continued all week and by Thursday, I was super suspicious...and four days late. And I'm never late. Never. So eventually I bought a test, waited a day just to eliminate the chances of a false positive, and took the test the next night. And it was positive. It was positive!!!

Kristin's last day in CO.

Laura: Yes, I definitely had a feeling. I was so tired that I called out of work and slept until 2pm. The next day, I went to my doctor and asked for a mono test, or something (at that point I was also 5 days late and took a prego test that was negative - so I figured the doctor was a good starting point). He did another prego test (again, negative), some blood work to appease my mono-suspicion, and diagnosed me with a virus that needed to run it's course. A week and a half went by, my blood tests came back negative, and still no period. I knew I had to be pregnant. I took the test again and boom! Two lines! I took 2 more - also positive! And as Kristin mentioned earlier, this was NOT a planned thing. Geronimooooooooo.

How did you react:

Kristin: Before I took the test, I read in the directions that it takes about two minutes for the results to show up. So I did my business and walked out of the bathroom to tell Mike the two minute clock had started ticking. This probably took less than 30 seconds. And then I saw it. The plus sign. And it had only been 30, maybe 45 seconds at this point. I picked it up, walked into the kitchen, and said "Mike- its already positive and it hasn't even been two minutes yet!". Insert fist pumping and jumping up and down here (Mike). Now insert person walking around aimlessly in disbelief saying "hxxy sxxt I'm fxxxxxxx pregnant?!" (me).

For some reason, this news brought on a slew of expletives that I won't repeat. As Mike followed me into the bathroom, I still couldn't believe the news. I also felt totally enclosed in a tiny room with a husband jumping up and down, dripping with excitement. So my first instinct was to sit on the floor, grab a bath towel, and throw it over my head. I kid you not. I think I just needed my own space for a minute to absorb what was happening. My next thought was, "I can't be pregnant! I was ten years old two days ago, reading Little House books and wanting to be Nancy Drew. How can I be pregnant?!". After removing the towel, the aimless walking around paired with more expletives and "I was just ten yesterday"-statements continued for a good hour. Eventually the disbelief started to mix in with lots of excitement. Then we ordered some Chinese (our top choice celebration food) and I called my sister to tell her the good news. I had to tell someone else and she had been my go to person all week with questions on pregnancy symptoms.

The rest, as they say, is history. Well not really. Pretty much two days later, Laura asked me point blank (mind you in front of our other close friends, including their husbands), "So did you get your period yet?". She then realized by my shell-shocked facial expression and lack of words that if I said no then it meant I was pregnant. After getting my voice back and yelling "No and I just found out two days ago that I'm pregnant, so you're not supposed to know!", I was joined by lots of screaming and yelling. Eventually, we told a close circle of friends and kept it to that for a few more weeks. We eventually told our families at some larger dinner gatherings when we could all be together. And in keeping true to character, beer was involved in sharing the news with my family. But that's a story for another post.

Laura: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh"! I grabbed my face and paced around the house for about 30 minutes saying to no one "I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant!". Mind you Caleb was NOT home which made this news even more overwhelming since I was basically processing it with Tillie, our black lab. Caleb was at work for the morning and not due to arrive home until 2:00pm (it was 7:30am at this point). I took a shower, and then went for a [no joke] two hour anxiety/excitement/crazy-energy walk with Tillie. The rest of the morning was a waste because I was so distracted by this life-changing news. I tried to sew, fail. I tried to clean the house, fail. Every minute felt like 10 minutes. Then, Caleb called to say he was going to go grocery shopping after work. UGH! I wanted to tell him to come home immediately but then he would know something was up and I really didn't want to share this news with him over the phone, so I patiently said "ok, sounds good, I'll see you when I get home". UGH!

Caleb has always said to people, "You'll know when Laura is pregnant because she'll start drinking decaf coffee and become a zombie" (anyone who knows me, knows how addicted I am to my morning coffee). So, my "creative" way of sharing the news with him was through this little setup:

He came home and plopped the groceries down on the table and looked at the setup. He looked puzzled and thought that Tillie got into the coffee or something. I finally looked at him and shrieked "I'm pregnant!" He smiled ear-to-ear and said "really!!?". He then took his pants off and sat at the kitchen table. We sat there for about an hour talking about it and joyfully processing it. His reaction made my world right (since this was not a planned thing, I was leaning on him for comfort and guidance). Oh, and you may be asking whey he took his pants off. In his mind, the only tangible thing he could think of in that moment was to get in the shower like he always does after work - hence the pants removal. Gotta love him! Throughout the next week we told family and close friends. After my first doctor's appointment the rest of the world found out (i.e. work, facebook, YOU).

So it's pretty crazy that we're only 8 weeks apart and didn't even try to plan it that way, right? Well how's this for just plain wild:

Jennifer (Silas, aka Baby Floyd, born May 3rd),
Lauren (Baby Moe due August 31),
Kristin (Baby Who due November 5th),
and Laura (Baby Dobby due December 28th).

That's a whole lotta pregnant ladies! I told our pastor Ryan that I think God is choosing to populate Valley Church through babies. One down, three to go.


  1. This is so exciting for both of you! I hope the rest of your pregnancies are smooth and uneventful. Congratulations!

  2. Bring on the creative baby posts! I am so excited for you two!

  3. Congrats to you both! Exciting blog posts to come!!!!

  4. Jenni ArchambaultJune 3, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    This is so wonderful! So excited for you both! It was so great to read both stories i got teary eyed reading both. Congrats!!!

  5. Laura, I have known you for so many years and can honestly say that I think you will be an amazing mother. You are kind and generous and thoughtful in a way that I can't even put into words. I am beyond excited for you!! (Kristin, I know Laura chooses her friends wisely, so I have not doubt you will also be an amazing mom.)