June 17, 2012

What We Learned This Year About Blogging

Posted by Laura

...to piggyback off our 1 year anniversary post.

That hard work pays off. Goals are a great thing to have and an even better thing to keep. We set realistic goals from the beginning, and have seen fruitful results.

That communication is very important. We've also learned about each other's strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to graciously balance each other out. We've learned that going into business with someone means you have to serve them and outdo each other in selflessness. Who wouldn't want to work with someone who is constantly giving?

We learned that it is IMPERATIVE and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to get outside and have fun. It is too easy to get lost in blogworld and before you know it the day has escaped you. Go outside every day and get fresh air, whether it be on a big adventure or your backyard. Getting consumed in your blog will only build weariness and resentment.

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