June 1, 2012

Windowsill Mold!

Posted by Laura

Picture this. It's a beautiful spring day, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the air is crisp. As I [slowly] work through my spring cleaning checklist, I tip tap to the windows and throw them open to bring the outside air in. GASP! WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT ON MY WINDOWSILL!

Let me zoom in for you so you can see a little closer.

Black mold. Here's what [irrationally] runs through my head:
1. My husband and I are going to get asthma, or lung cancer, or COPD
2. The walls must be full of mold
3. We're all gonna die

I was fortunate to grow up in brand new houses that my dad built with his own two hands...I have also been lucky with the apartments I've lived in, therefore I have never really had to deal with mold before. After a little research on the world wide web, I learned that black windowsill mold is NOT a good thing, but easy to treat. It is a common problem if your house is susceptible to condensation. For some reason our windows hold mucho condensation in the winter. It very well may be because we put plastic over our windows to keep the heat in. I know, ghetto.

My solution? VINEGAR!! My all-purpose vinegar spray has two things in it that makes it a mold killer:
Vinegar = Bacteria Killer
Tea Tree Oil = Fungus Killer

After a little spray spray wipe wipe, here is my happy windowsill.

And let me say, I will sleep better knowing that the mold is not taking over my house...or my lungs.

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