July 8, 2012

5th Wedding Anniversary, Part 1

Posted by Laura

Warning: This started as a super long post, so I decided to break it up into two posts. You may want to get a snack.

Yesterday, Caleb and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary! It's wild to think of how we've changed and grown in the last five years. Our friendship has grown deeper, our hearts have been softened, and our faith has grown tremendously. I am so honored to be his Mrs. and I can't wait to see where we'll be in another five years.

Photo by Catalyst Photography

One of our first traditions we started as a married couple was to rotate planning our anniversary weekends for each other, and keeping it a secret until we're in the car and on our way. The past years have looked like this:
1 year anniversary - Camping at Old Orchard Beach, Maine (I planned)
2 year anniversary - Camping at Erving State Forest, Massachusetts (Caleb planned)
3 year anniversary - Camping at Lake George, New York (I planned)
4 year anniversary - Weekend in Boston, MA (Caleb planned)
5 year anniversary - Weekend in NYC (planning hijacked by Caleb)!!
Yup, he hijacked this year and took me to NYC to see my favorite musical, which has been turned into a Broadway show, Newsies. Since their season ended in June, we celebrated a month early by heading out there the weekend of June 9th & 10th.

We arrived in the city on the afternoon of the 9th and checked in immediately to our hotel. Caleb found an amazing hotel, right near Times Square, called Element by Westin. It was gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good photos of the common spaces, so I borrowed the following two:

The cafe where we got our complimentary breakfast.

Photo via

The lobby. I loved the colors and clean lines. It felt very bright and fresh.

Photo via

Our room. It was so fresh and clean. The colors were soothing and the linens were high quality.

We also had a fully loaded kitchenette! I wish we stayed longer and could have actually used it.

Dishes, a dishwasher, utensils.

Glad to see they use Seventh Generation. The coffee maker was super cute and homey too.

The bathroom felt fresh and clean as well. The towels were soft and luscious.

I loved the hardwood floors. Not something you usually see in a hotel room.

Our view. That's the Empire State Building.

Our king size bed. Such a treat!

That night, we got all doll'ed up and hit the town. One of the best feelings (literally) about this trip was that my morning sickness and nausea broke the week before (week 11), so I was really able to enjoy myself.

Newsies was one of my favorite musicals to watch while growing up. I actually made a soundtrack to it by recording the songs from the VHS to a cassette via my dad's sound system. Then, I would sing and dance to the songs when no one was home. Did I just admit that? The movie came out in the early 90s. Now, 20 years later it has been made into a broadway show. Color me happy!

Newsies. The Nederlander Theater, NYC
(former theater to Rent, which I saw about 10 years ago)

Inside the theater, before the show started.

Here is a clip of one of their routines that they performed at the Tony's (which they were nominated for 8 Tony's and won Best Choreography and Best Original Score - BRAVO!!)

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