July 12, 2012

5th Wedding Anniversary, Part 2

Posted by Laura

...Continued from Part 1.

The next morning we woke up to the sounds of the city, had our gourmet breakfast at the hotel, checked out, and acted like complete tourists for the day. I absolutely love traveling with Caleb because we go at the same pace and enjoy the same things.

We started out the escapades by going to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum on 42nd Street. I've been to the one in London, so I was excited to see New York's version. London's museum is much more historical and museum-ey. New York's is much more American and celebrity-ey. We met so many famous "people".

"Just the way you look tonight" 

One of Caleb's favorite ladies, Sharon Osbourne (oh yea, and Ozzy)

Eat your heart out Twihards

Pa-lease Angelina, you ain't got nothin' on me

Together, We Can!

Pope John Paul is clearly amused

A good luck kiss

Mr. John Wayne 

That Elton John, quite saucy he is

"whoaaa we're half way there, WHOOA livin on a prayer"

Ow Ooow

We saw ALL of the Avengers...

Captain America 
Iron Man



The rest of the day, we explored the city without any real agenda. We took in the sounds, ate up the food, and strolled through the shops.

Nerd Alert! Caleb got a House of Greyjoy T-shirt (Game of Thrones) at the HBO store. Doesn't he look as if he cannot contain his excitement?

We ate lunch at the Rockefeller Center. Our table was located on the patio, which is the iconic ice skating rink in the winter. We are also fans of NBC's 30 Rock, so it was fun to explore the building.

This was a photo from the day before. Pinkberry is an internationally known frozen yogurt chain. It was incredibly good, and is now one of our favorite go-to dessert shops. I hear they have one in West Hartford, which is a little closer to home. 

Every time we go into the city, we always feel the need to resurrect our childhoods by going into FAO Schwartz. This time, we spent a little bit more time in the basement looking in the infant section. Caleb is holding out for a little girl so he naturally gravitated toward the over-the-top frilly dresses (and look, he's so distracted by even more frill that he can't even focus on the picture).

FAO Schwartz

Some day when I'm rich, I'll buy one of these $1000 stuffed animals for Tillie to chew on.

FAO Schwartz

We were looking forward to taking a break in Central Park, but unfortunately the entire park was closed. The perimeters were closed off by Police and nobody was allowed entry (only in New York City would this happen).

Central Park, from a distance.

As the day drew to a near and we were walking towards the bus, we passed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick coming out of a building. What!!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Like the shameless nerd that Caleb is, he walked behind them to the street corner and decided that if they had to stop and wait to cross, then he would ask for a photo. Matthew Broderick was awkwardly kind and agreed to the photo. Sarah Jessica Parker looked at us, and embarrassingly shot a look in the opposite direction (like what Carrie Bradshaw would do if she were to run into Aidan, post break-up...Sex in the City fans?).

And so our anniversary weekend drew to an end. I've got my work cut out for me when I plan year 6!

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