July 10, 2012

Dinner: A Love Story

Posted by Kristin

I've been on an eat posting kick lately and this is only continuing that trend. While browsing through some cookbooks recently at Barnes and Noble, I picked up a sweet, little cook book called Dinner: A Love Story


It's written by author, wife and mom Jenny Rosenstrach. Jenny originally started out by sharing her cooking adventures on her blog but then compiled all her years of balancing family life, professional endevours, and putting a good, healthy meal on the table in this new cookbook. I immediately connected with her cooking and family philosophy, which is stated on the back of her cookbook and on the about page of her blog:

I’m Jenny, the founding editor of DALS, author of Dinner: A Love Story (Ecco/HarperCollins), and the co-author of Time For Dinner (Chronicle). I have never worked in a restaurant or gone to culinary school. Until I was 18, I thought Betty Crocker cakes qualified as “from scratch,” and that garlic was best purchased with a McCormick label on it. I have, however, spent much of my professional life attempting to redeem myself, editing food and features for various websites and magazines including (most recently) Bon AppetitMartha Stewart LivingCookie (R.I.P), and Real Simple. It was at Real Simple where my first daughter was born in 2002 (my next came along 20 months later) and where I made a deal with myself: I would only continue to work full time if I was able to put a meal on the table for my family more often than not. I did it — at the expense of many other things, namely, all those novels by Jonathans who lived in Brooklyn — but I did it, and through posts and features here at Dinner: A Love Story, I hope to show you how.

I have yet to try her recipes but so far really like reading about her family culinary adventures:

DALS is a website devoted (mostly) to helping parents figure out how to get family dinner on the table. You can assume I know how busy you are and how many other things are ahead of “thaw chicken for dinner” on today’s to-do list. I will never fault you for firing up a frozen pizza when you can’t bear to turn on the stove. I will never judge you for not coughing up the extra bucks for the organic broccoli. And I will never promise you that family dinner is something that can be figured out in five easy steps!
Here's what's on my list to try so far:

Tried and True Cobbler

Quick Miso-Glazed Salmon

Check out more of Jenny's delicious creations at Dinner: A Love Story.

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