July 23, 2012

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Posted by Kristin

While recently scouring one of my favorite blogs, Nesting Place, I had some serious drool happening when I saw this.

While I could easily desire everything in the picture, I honed in on the sunburst mirror and then frantically read the Nester's fairly simple DIY instructions. Wooh- sigh of relief- I could do this without getting gray hair!

My favorite part was that all you needed was poster board, a hot glue gun, and a small mirror. Anything I can make that is under 5 bones is good with me. So after gathering my supplies, and substituting masking tape for a glue gun (more on that later), I got to work.

For full, detailed instructions, visit the Nester's Sunburst Mirror DIY post. I followed them by the letter and it worked. Except for the whole glue gun thing. You'll see in just a minute. 

Supplies: trace paper,a small vanity mirror, scissors, a glue stick and 3 sheets of white poster board.

Trace paper worked well to make a template in 3 different sizes.

My template.

Poster board cut outs in 3 different sizes.

Starting to assemble...with tape mind you.
I didn't have a glue gun and the glue stick wasn't sticking all that well.

More tape holding it all together. Eventually I did go back with a
 hot glue gun (thanks Laura!) and reinforced the tape with hot glue.

Here's a "keepin' it real" shot. Creativity = mess.


I wanted to put the mirror right above the black nesting tables.

But the black tables were too....black.

So I painted them. Alot. Like 5 coats. Note to self- use primer over a stained piece of furniture.

Some beach side finds add natural texture and fun memories.

Then I added the sunburst mirror and did a happy dance.

Although it sorta feels like I've jumped on the sunburst mirror bandwagon about 12 months late, its nice to finally be on it. Especially if it only cost me 5 Mr. Washingtons. Anybody else made a sunburst mirror out of an unusual material?

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