July 27, 2012

Easy Peasy Pinterest Projects

Posted by Kristin

How many of you pin, pin, pin on Pinterest but never actually make anything? I'm guilty of that just as much as the next lass, so I've decided to call out a handful of super easy projects that I'd like to accomplish in the next few months.

1. They have to have a spot in my house in which I already want to put them.
2. They have to be cheap frugal projects. Like $10 or under.
3. They can't be super time consuming.

"EAT" Letters

I've been wanting big, blocky letters to spell out "eat" for about a year now. I know I want to hang them in my kitchen and I'd most likely paint them green, red or turquoise.

Need: The letters themselves.
Have: Paint

DIY Anthropologie letters...for a lot less!

Mr. and Mrs. Stenciled Fabric

I'd like to do a Mr. and Mrs. stencil on fabric for our bedroom. Instead of making pillows (I don't think my husband could handle anymore pillows on the bed!), I may stencil swatches of fabric and frame them in white, modern frames that would hang above each side of our bed.

Need: To make the stencil. See how here.
Have: Fabric, fabric paint, stencil materials, and frames.

Mr. & Mrs. stencilled pillows from Ballard...want these for the master bedroom!

For a while, I used a fabric-covered pin board for all my jewelry. But now I'm wanting a bit more color. I really like using salvage materials in new ways and especially like the pop of color this frame gives to the space. 

Need: Time!
Have: A salvage wooden frame with a metal insert like this already in it. It used to be an old cabinet door from my sister's house and I snagged it when she was moving out. I just need to clean it, paint it (or leave it white) and hang it up. 


Now it would be just like me to add many more projects to the list. But since I'm looking to actually accomplish some projects instead of just daydream about them, I'd better stop at three. Have you done any Pinterest-inspired projects lately?

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