July 6, 2012

Its that Spanglish Sandwich...

Posted by Kristin

Mike and I recently took to the road to visit my sister Catie and her fiancee Kevin in Dover, a small city just outside of Portsmouth, NH. Our time was filled with sun, sand and lots of good food and drink. To mix things up a bit and give our hosts a much needed break, we decided to make them a nice little breakfast sandwich that looked something like this (courtesy of thekitchn.com):


A little Spanglish sandwich anyone? If you've never seen the movie Spanglish you must, MUST, take a two hour timeout and watch it. Its the sweetest, funniest movie about love, loss and family drama that just warms your heart and makes your mouth tingle because all the food looks so darn good.

To check out the full details of our sandwich making endeavors and to see what our version looked like, check out the goods over at Food, Faith and Fun, my hubby's blog. You can also read about our latest beer tasting adventures in Portland, ME. Although for that part I was pretty much watching from the sidelines while salivating for a nice cold, micro-brew. The sacrifices of motherhood start early I guess!

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