July 30, 2012

Pineapple Plant Fail...Help!

Posted by Laura

I have made numerous attempts to grow a pineapple plant this summer. Each time has failed because someone keeps treating my plant like a snack.

For starters, growing a pineapple plant is simple, in theory. You basically chop off the top of a pineapple and plop it in soil. Here's is my first attempt at this:

Within 1 day it was already chewed on and kicked to the side of the pot. I figured it was the birds or something. Hmph.

So I tried it again, this time burying the pineapple a little deeper in the soil.

Again, within a couple days it looked like this! THE ENTIRE PINEAPPLE WAS MISSING!!! What the heck is causing this?!

And then, a few days later I was leaving for work, stepped outside and saw the culprit. This is a horrible picture, but you should be able to make out it's "cute", little body munching away on MY pineapple plant.

Yea, you better run...

What do I do? How do I grow this plant while keeping the animals away? PEC followers, I need your expertise!


  1. Hey Laura,
    Try to find a bird cage on one of your thrifting missions, one big enough for the pot and a few inches of growth while the plant gets established. Or you can try a hanging basket, but squirrels seem to have no problems negotiating those, unless you can come up with a super stealthy hanger.
    Good luck!

  2. I started mine 3 years ago in the dead of winter inside. I do put it out in the summer but nothing bothers it now. Try starting it inside.

  3. Look for videos online for planting pineapple. From first picture looks like you have fruit flesh at the bottom. You need to peel the leaves up to an inch. And try removing as much flesh as possible so that it doesn't rot at bottom

  4. You should not have any fruit on your plant. Twist the top of the pineapple off of the fruit first, then peel away the bottom few leaves. You will see root buds there.