July 2, 2012

Skirting the Issue

Posted by Kristin

Since moving into our new apartment, we love how updated most of the spaces are. Until we get to the bathroom. Updated its not. Covered in dated yellow, gray and black tile it is. So what does a girl do when you can't change the ugly? You work with it. And you get a really good idea from your brilliant mom.

Bathroom Before

A little, and I mean little, sink.

Good, albeit style-less storage.

Yup, our neighbors could totally watch us lathering up.
We fixed that pronto with frosted privacy contact paper.

Sorry for the open toilet, but ya know, it's just doing its job.

Bathroom After

My main issue with the bathroom was how to make that open storage area work without buying a ton of baskets (which would just drive my husband crazy anyways). The area was improved when my landlord painted the trim white but it still needed something. My mom had the idea of skirting the lower shelves and using some baskets that I already owned on the top shelves. Brilliant! So off I went to find gray and yellow fabric to tie in the colors of the bathroom. After scouring all my options, I ended up buying a twin sheet set from Target for $15 and got a ton of fabric from it in a really cute pattern. After getting some velcro and a tension rod, I was ready to get my sew on.

My tools.

Ugly storage issue solved.

A tension rod keeps this baby in place.

A similar shade of wicker unifies the two different kinds of baskets.

Towels look so much better rolled, don't they?

What creative storage solutions have you come across?

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  1. Super cute! Thanks for another simple idea that looks totally do-able. We're house hunting and who knows what we'll end up with, so I'm stockpiling all the hints I can find.