July 14, 2012

Whole Foods Cherries: Part Deux

Posted by Kristin

Laura mentioned last week that we were recently offered a few pounds of delicious cherries from Whole Foods. We immediately jumped on the opportunity and I trekked over to our local Whole Foods in Hadley to snap them up.

Yay for free cherries!

After scouting out some different recipes, I decided to make some Cherry Hand Pies for dessert while we were visiting my sister and her fiance in Portsmouth, NH last week.  Mike and I tackled the recipe while my sister's dog Bella tried to lick up any drop of cherry goodness we managed to drip on the floor.

Our Portsmouth hosts, Kevin, Catie, and Bella: One happy family.

I adapted the recipe from the July/August issue of Country Living, which originally called for strawberries.

Country Living's Strawberry Hand Pies.

First, we started by pitting the cherries and cutting them into quarters.

Then we mixed them up with some sugar, vanilla, jam, flour and salt.

Next we whipped together the basic pie dough. Mike learned the joy of cutting butter into flour and how easy it is to do with two butter knives (ahem, sarcasm)...not a task he wants to do again any time soon.

After chilling the dough for a bit, I divided it into 6 balls and rolled each one out into a circle.

Each round of dough received a heaping spoonful of the cherry mixture.

I folded over half the dough, brushed the edges with an egg wash, and crimped them like 80's prom hair.

Each pie was placed on a greased cookie sheet (we didn't have parchment paper).

Some of the pies started to leak out a little juice but we didn't sweat it. Each pie was sprinkled with some more sugar and baked for 30 minutes.

And here's the finished product, just waiting to get into my tummy.

Be warned- these hand pies have the ability to bring out your inner dork. But they tasted darn good, so I care not. You can read the full recipe from Country Living here.

Thanks to Whole Foods for hooking PEC up with some delicious cherries. And thanks to Bella for being so cute.

Yea...Bella's totally got her looks going for her. She's as sweet as they come.

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  1. Great idea. These look so delicious. I've been loving my whole Foods cherries as well.

    And Bella is pretty cute too!