August 8, 2012

Breakfast and Pregnancy Photo

Posted by Laura

Kristin and I got together for a little saturday morning Laura-helps-Kristin-figure-out-details-in-her-new-living-room, and birthday breakfast (more on that in a minute). We thought it would be fun to also take an updated pregnancy photo to post.

We're both doing well, and preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the fact that soon enough there will be little babies entering the world. For me, I've been thinking through the job situation and was able to find a new job that is part-time and will allow me to be home 5 days/week. For Kristin, she has already started to put her nursery together and think through registry items (which I'll be doing in the next month or so). It's interesting how each trimester brings on new thoughts, fears, and preparedness for what's to come.

For a little compare/contrast, here's the picture from when we first announced we were both pregnant.

Back to Saturday morning. Our birthdays fall on the same week, so it's always fun to celebrate together (remember last year when our husbands threw us a party?). Well, before we got to work on changes in Kristin's new living room (hopefully she'll post something about that soon - sneak peak in the upper left corner of the picture), she made us a delicious birthday breakfast and made me wear a silly birthday hat. It was only fitting for me to make her wear one too, right?

Next year, we will have infants with us on our birthdays! What a crazy thought!

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