August 15, 2012

C and K Wedding Inspiration

Posted by Kristin

Since my sister's wedding is right around the corner (as in Sunday!), I thought I'd share some inspiration we've found to help guide the decor choices. My sister first described her ideal wedding style to me as rustic-country-chic-bbq-picnic. Ha! Well, I think its turned out a bit more classy-country than earthy-crunchy, but its bound to be one beautiful day!

First off, the whole shebang will go down here.....
Timbers Restaurant, Sugarbush, VT. via

More accurately, in here....

Timbers - Reception Venue

And the other details were inspired by photos like these:

big wooden table with pops of bright colors

wood, white, and tons of greenery

Darned if I didn't just put 3 or 4 of these exact vases into a Goodwill box.  I still have the box though...maybe I should get them back out?  :)

cupcake wrapper

Wedding Card Box
Catie even liked the stump centerpiece idea from our fall tablescape post so much that Keven and her decided to use them along the tables in the restaurant with mason jars of flowers on top.

The original PEC version. via

Catie was pretty impressed by Kevin's chainsaw-wielding skills.

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