August 31, 2012

Lauren's Baby Shower

Posted by Laura

Pastel blues, greens and yellows. The colors of our friend Lauren's nursery. Kristin, Jennifer and I had the pleasure of planning her baby shower, and it only seemed appropriate to incorporate these colors into the decor. We split up the duties. In a nut shell Jennifer and Kristin designed and decorated, I created the menu and made the food. Unfortunately, we were running around getting everything set up so we didn't have enough time to snap pictures of all the details. Here are some good ones that Jennifer grabbed on her phone in the midst of guests coming in.

Amazing cake, homemade by Kristin.

Adorable cookies, homemade by Jennifer.

We held the shower in our church, which has white and grey walls. That gave us a great backdrop to build off of. Our entry table had fresh flowers, a "warm wishes for baby" jar in place of a guest book, handmade pom poms and polka dot streamers. Swatches of fabric were layered on the tables to give them texture. This table seconded as the gift table.

Across the room, we had the food table. The idea was to direct the flow of traffic away from the door and towards the other end of the room (which is where the food was). This round table was the starting point (unfortunately we didn't snap any pictures of the rest of the table which was made from 2 long tables - filled with more food, drinks, cake and cookies).

I took on the task of creating the menu and making the food. I had never done anything like this before (my natural bend is towards decorating for parties, not making the food). Therefore, I was a little OCD about the planning process because I had these irrational fears creeping into my head such as "there isn't going to be enough food" or "I'm going to forget obvious items like plates and serving spoons", etc, etc, etc. So, I silenced my fears by making a spreadsheet! Thank you computer.

Here we are with Lauren (note the cute banner that Jennifer made which is now hanging in the nursery).

Jennifer, Laura, Lauren, Kristin

Remember when we all took our picture together back in the beginning of Kristin and mine's pregnancy? Since then, Jennifer has her baby and the rest of us have "expanded" a little. We thought it would be fun to take an updated picture.

Jennifer @ 38 weeks,  Lauren @ 22 weeks, Kristin @ 11 weeks, Laura @ 5 weeks

Jennifer 10 weeks postpartum, Lauren @ 33 weeks, Kristin @ 22 weeks, Laura @ 16 weeks

Now, onto the best part of this post! On August 28th at 2:15am, Lauren and her husband Jim welcomed Lucy into the world. Little Lucy is so sweet and perfect, and is so blessed to have the parents that she does. We love you Jim, Lauren and Lucy!

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