August 4, 2012

Motivate Me

Posted by Laura

These days, I want nothing more than to sleep-in and watch tv in my yoga pants all day. Between a stressful caseload at work and growing a baby, I feel like I could fall asleep just about anywhere. I call these photos my "that can't be comfortable" series, but I am deep down jealous of everyone in them...

Bone Pillow

My brother and nephew in our living room on a Sunday afternoon

My nephew again. For some reason I have
a lot of photos of him sleeping. He can sleep anywhere.

There is no way she's comfortable

Half on the couch. Half on the floor.
This is one of my favorite photo EVER of Caleb.
I was laughing so hard that I woke him up.

I call this my 'motivate me' post because not only do I want to sleep all day, but I am also incredibly unmotivated on my days off and in need of the words I've written below. These are some tangible tips that I've compiled about getting motivated when YouTube videos of Susan Boyle and Paul Potts are beckoning me, saying "watch me for hours while eating bon-bons...and then sleep on the couch for the rest of the day". So if you are in need of motivation today, then these words are for you just as much as they are for me.

1. Start Small
By doing a small task (like folding a load of laundry) you will be inspired to keep moving around, and before you know it the whole garden is weeded!

2. Stay Active
Go for a walk each day. Your energy will level-out at a higher threshold than if you didn't exercise at all.

3. Schedule Early Morning Appointments
Breakfast with friends, doctors appointments, early morning errands. You won't have that I-feel-like-I-did-nothing-today feeling.

4. To-Do
It is so rewarding to cross things off a task list! It puts your brain at rest because once it's down on paper you can mentally forget about it until you come back to the paper. Mental rest = overall rest, which leaves more energy to get motivated.

5. Get Dressed!
Every day, even if you have no plans to leave the house, get yourself up and ready. It does something to your psyche and makes you feel like the day has started. Having the mentality that "nobody is going to see me today so what's the big deal if I wear sweatpants" is a recipe for frumpy-person-who-looks-10-years-older-than-their-actual-age.

6. Turn Up the Beat
This one is easy. Upbeat music always gets me motivated. If this song doesn't make you want to put on parachute pants and jump off a table with jazz hands, then I don't know what does...

Now get out there and enjoy your day! xo

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