August 13, 2012

Reader's Recipe

Posted by Laura

I received an email from one of our faithful followers (who just happens to be one of my mom's closest friends...she might be bias ☺). She has been making the no-knead artisan bread like a champ, and seems to be loving it. She sent me an email of her latest modification of the recipe. Details below.

Felicity's Artisan Bread...from Maui!

Here is the original recipe:

-3 cups lukewarm water
-6 1/2 cups flour
-1 1/2 Tablespoons instant yeast (equivalent to 2 packets of yeast)
-1 Tablespoon salt

1. Mix ingredients in stand-up mixer until blended, about 30 seconds on medium speed. If mixing by hand, it will take about 2 minutes with a wooden spoon.

2. Let the dough rise at room temperature for 2 hours in a dough rising bucket (or a bowl covered with saran wrap). It should double in size. If you're pressed for time, you can skip this step.

3.Next, refrigerate the dough for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 7 days. The longer it sits, the more sourdoughy it becomes.

4. When ready to bake, flour your hands and work a softball sized chunk of dough into a loaf. Place it onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (or cornmeal) and sprinkled with flour. Then, sprinkle the top of loaf with flour to secure moisture. Let rise for 60 minutes and preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

5. Right before putting the bread in the oven, make three slits on the top of the loaf with a sharp knife. Fill an oven proof dish with 1 cup of boiling water and place on bottom rack in oven. Bake the bread at 450 degrees for 25-35 minutes, until the top is golden brown. Enjoy!

Here is Felicity's modification, along with her sourdough starter. I hope to try this out soon! Thanks Felicity!!

Felicity's Artisan Bread
I got some buckwheat flour, for the increased fiber and protein, and less gluten. I only use about 1 cup of it in a 2-loaf recipe. It makes the bread a bluish gray color, with little dark specs of grain in it. I really like it, though the loaf can seem a bit heavier than usual. My latest loaf, in which I used yeast AND some of the sour dough starter (see below), plus spelt, white and buckwheat and whole flax seeds - turned out grrrrreat. I love experimenting. I think of you every time, because it's so easy when you don't have to knead the dough! You taught me this invaluable tip.

Felicity's Sourdough Starter
Right now, I have 1 c water & 1 c flour bubbling on the counter - I'll use half of it as the "yeast" in a loaf of bread after about a week of it growing. the other half, I will replenish with 1 c water & 1 c flour...wait another week, use half for a loaf, etc. Actually I just remembered I doubled it so I can make more bread at a time. I wanted to see if I could go without any yeast at all. I'll let you know how this goes.

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