August 22, 2012

Spotlight: Knock Knock Linen

Posted by Laura

How about a little linen love today? I want to showcase one of my favorite etsy shops, Knock Knock Linen. Not only do they have a great philosophy that includes sentences like "Linen was an important part of our culture, it was passed from generation to generation and we would like to bring that back, we would like to revive our memories", but the styles and textures of their products are gorgeous. I will often find myself getting lost in their etsy page.

The owners are based out of Scotland but the materials come from their home country, Lithuania. "For us, it is such an inspiration to work with linen, it's character is so is almost hard in the beginning but by time it gets softer, more flexible, it adapts to your body and makes you feel really comfortable. It's wrinkled texture gives it a soul and rustic look, it reminds on face of wize, old man whose wrinkles tell his life story." (from Knock Knock's About Us page)

Handmade Apron from eco friendly linen
timeless and elegant design - £34.00

Tea Towel In Stripe From Eco Friendly Linen Rustic 
Country Feeling Wrinkled Texture - £9.00

Handmade Cafe Apron From Eco Friendly Rough Linen - £34.00

Can you picture this dress with high boots? I can. Especially postnatally.

Handmade Striped Linen Short Sleeve Tunic Dress - £75.00

Set of 2 Linen Tea Towels From Eco Friendly Linen Rustic 
Country Feeling Wrinkled Texture - £16.00

Did I mention that Caleb got me a bath towel for my birthday? Here's the new pride and joy of my bathroom:

Rustic Bath Towel from Natural and Soft Linen Fabric

"We hope one day to gather all of this and make a village where one could see all this process from the beginning...growing flax,weaving the linen fabrics, a same way our grandparents did, the place where you could come and witness all the process, sing the same songs our grandmothers did when they sewed their linen, enjoy nature, and relax." (from Knock Knock's About Us page)

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! Warmly wishes from Knock Knock Linen!