September 24, 2012

Organization Trick

Posted by Laura

It's's Fall!! I have to say that this is one of my favorite times of year, especially living in New England. As every season comes and goes I like to organize and purge my life whether it be my trunk, filing cabinet at work, closet or freezer. Last Spring Kristin shared some cues for a clean closet, and this Fall I want to focus in on the clothing trick as a refresher for everyone.

For me, donation trips to Goodwill are bittersweet because on one hand I love to purge, but on the other I hate to say goodbye to clothes "just in case" I need them for something, someday. Here's what I do to keep track of the clothes I actually use, so that ripping the Goodwill band-aid is a little easier and reassuring.

Once a year, put your clothes on a hanger the wrong way. If folding clothes, fold them in a way you wouldn't normally fold them. This allows them to go through each season. If you're really attached to your clothes, give it two years (2 cycles of each season).

The "right" way I hang my clothes

The "wrong" way (or opposite way) I hang my clothes

The "right" way my clothes face

With the items on the hanger the wrong way, they
will also face the wrong way.

So after a year (or two), you've got an easy way to determine which clothes need to go by simply looking at the way they're in the closet and/or folded in your drawer. Happy Fall!!!

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