October 27, 2012

Cutting Back a Little

Posted by PEC

Well Ladies and Gents....its almost that time. The time when our buns in the oven will emerge and totally change our lives. We'll go from relatively-sane, functioning human beings to drool-covered, bleary-eyed parents that forget what it was like to sleep through the night. Here's a quick snapshot of our progress over the last 30 somethin' weeks:

When we first announced our pregnancies

Progress. This was right around our birthdays.

At Kristin's sister's wedding

Last week at Laura's Baby Shower:
Jennifer's son Silas is 5 1/2 months old now.
Lauren's daughter Lucy is 1 1/2 months old now.
Kristin at 37 weeks pregnant.
Laura at 30 weeks pregnant.

In honor our our quickly approaching due dates (Kristin's "Baby Who" is November 5th, Laura's "Baby Dobby" is December 28th), we've decided to reign in our lives and pare things down a bit. Fear not, PEC will live on and go the distance (Cake anyone?). We're just taking it down a notch for the next few months.

What this will look like is weekly posts from each of us (as opposed to every other day) that will still cover our three loves: planting, eating and creating....most likely with a dash of baby-love thrown in there once in a while.  After all, we can't tackle our biggest "create" projects yet and not share the results!

We love you all and stay tuned! :)


  1. We want baby and mommy pics!!!!!


  2. Completely understandable. Hopefully the last few weeks of your pregnancies are uneventful. Congratulations on motherhood!

    And ditto on what Joyce said :)