October 19, 2012

DIY Baby Toys

Posted by Kristin

Now that I'm almost at 38 weeks of baking a human (yay for Monday change-over days), I'm thinking more and more about what life will be like once Baby Who is here (and how I'll probably still call him Baby Who even though he'll have a legit name). I've also been thinking about how my passion for DIY is probably going to transition into baby and kid stuff pretty quickly. So to start off, I pinned some simple ideas on DIY baby toys that I may actually complete someday. Someday- as in when my kid isn't screaming, or needing to be changed or fed or held. A mom-to-be can dream right?

12 DIY Baby Toys

diy baby chew toys
DIY Baby Chew Toys 

baby toy
Shaker Bottle

How to Make a Grasping Ring or Bell
Grasping Ring or Bell

The best part about most of these toys is that they're easy to make and are pretty inexpensive-two things I always appreciate. And just because I'm slowly realizing that I"m indeed having a boy, I've started to remind myself of this quite often:

I better start preparing now...
So true....via


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