October 5, 2012

Making Some Progress: Baby-Who Style

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Posted by Kristin

Way back in June, I shared some initial thoughts on what I wanted to include in Baby Who's nursery. Since I have a tendency to skip sharing the whole real-life progress thing and go straight to the after, I thought it was high time to show the mid-stages of prepping the nursery  After all  life doesn't just finish a room for you in one day right? It often takes several days (or weeks) of work and preparation to go from before to after.

Making a Plan

I first introduced Baby Who's Pinterest board here and have found it really useful. But on the flip side of all the pretty pictures was some serious Pinterest paralysis. You know- where you're excited but also overwhelmed by all the eye candy and don't actually do anything about it except drool over all the images? Yeah, that was me for a few weeks straight. So to break out of that frozen stage, I made a design board with specific items and lists of materials to purchase or re-do.

Nursery Design Board

All Photos Via.

I keep the design board as a living document and "cross" things off the lists when they're complete. Speaking of lists, since they're a bit small to read, here's the details. Anything in blue is complete:

Stuff to Use
· Black square mirror
· Metal bookcase with baskets
· Rocking chair
· Dresser
· Crib
· Frames
· Lamp base painted with white shade
· Stump as a table
· Wooden shelves and brackets
· 2 ikea prints
· Thumbprint tree
· Lidded baskets (take off lids?)
· Branches as curtain rods?

Stuff to Paint/Make/Find for free
· Rocking Chair– paint blue
· Paint existing frames white and fill with art- partially complete
· Lamp Base– paint red
· Metal Bookcase– paint red
· Black Mirror– paint green

· Curtains

· Mobile (on pinterest)
· Small hanging rack with painted numbers
· Branches as curtain rods

Stuff to Buy
· Cushions for rocking chair
· Brackets for white shelves
· Buy curtain fabric
· Craft paint 

It's been really helpful to refer back to these lists over the last few weeks. They've helped me think through the best order to do things, like getting anything painted or sewn before starting to set things up. They've also helped me estimate my budget (about $100) for things I needed to purchase. I keep a running list of items I need in my wallet so I can always be on the lookout for the best deals or even check out places like Good Will for second hand items that will work. Sometimes you just never know what you'll find (like a perfectly good wicker laundry basket on the side of the road. True story. Some disinfectant and a hose will make this guy perfectly suitable to hold lots of little dirty clothes).

For the most part, the big projects are complete and now its a matter of putting it all together- the best part. And here's a quick sneak peak at some nursery progress. More to come soon!

Books, books and more books. And some blocks of course.

Curious George testing out the rocker.

Redoing this dresser nearly stole Mike's sanity. And there's a little sneak peak of my diy curtains.

True story- free road side find. Snap!

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