October 30, 2012


Posted by Laura

During a recent trip to IKEA, we found this duvet cover that caught both Caleb and mine's attention. As you can see from my home tour, we're not big on pattern. In fact, the only real things in our home that are patterned are our living room rug and our shower curtain. Call it a spontaneous purchase or maybe an IKEA influence, either way we ended up purchasing this SUPER patterned duvet cover and we're not regretting it!

Unfortunately, I don't really have any before pictures. The only one I have on my computadora is from my headboard tutorial.


Thanks to the iPhone 5's panoramic, I was able to widen the shot a bit. Here's the new pattern that's in my life!

click on photo to enlarge

In addition to the new duvet, I made some other [long overdue] changes to the room, including new curtains (before we had stark white ones), a branch above the bed (which I scooped up at the ocean), and a group of photos (mostly wedding photos).

We moved the wedding photos out of our office since we're transforming it into a nursery (more on that soon). Our photos were taken by my brother Ian Christmann, who is a very talented photographer, and actually the photo of the mountains was also taken by him (it's from our home town in Colorado). What can I say, I like his work!

The leaves are in full bloom here in New England. This beautiful tree sits in our backyard. Luckily we have it as a view from our bedroom window.

I can say with confidence that someone else likes to new duvet. Every morning, Caleb puts Tillie in bed with me after they go on their morning outing to the park. When I wake up, she jumps off and and we go about our morning. Since we've gotten this new duvet, she has over stayed her welcome in the bed :)

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