October 10, 2012

Sleep Space: A Soft and Cozy Bedroom

Posted by Kristin

When I first shared our new digs back in June, things were fairly set up and in place but not necessarily "styled" to my liking. Over the last few months we've made some serious progress in getting things a bit more in place. I gave myself a self-imposed deadline of September 1st to have any major things set up or projects complete since I knew baby-planning would kick into high gear this fall. I've never really operated that way before and it actually worked really well. We kept a running list on the fridge of projects to complete and each weekend, Mike and I would plan out what we wanted to do.

One of the most rewarding rooms to "complete" was our bedroom. I use that term loosely because there's still a few more tweaks I'd like to make. Who am I kidding anyways- with me, a room is never done! My goal was to make the room functional for sleeping while also creating a little reading nook. I always like to have one place in the house away from the tv where I can settle in with a good book or take a cat nap. Let's just say mission accomplished. I think I've averaged about 2 naps per week in this room, although that may have more to do with this whole fetus-growing-inside-of-me thing.


I originally shared our bedroom in the apartment tour video. Here are some screenshots from the video to refresh your memory.

A dresser I planned to paint white.

Another dresser I planned to paint white or replace.

A doorway in need of some style on either side.

Nightstands also needing some white paint (are you sensing a theme here?)
and a space above the bed begging for some art.


By far, this is my favorite bedroom we've had. A lot of white paint paired with a new reading nook and some better jewelry storage has led to a space I love hanging out in.

The big picture window is one of my favorite parts of this room.

Presto chango! Wooden night stands became white.

A little primping station.

Some chicken wire and green paint turned a plain-jane frame into a jewelry organizer.

And yes, that is a baby monitor on my side of the bed. Weird, I tell ya!

A cozy nook perfect for reading and napping. One usually heads to another for me.

We still have Mike's old dresser for now but its personalized with some
meaningful items on top, like his Sam Adams beer tasting kit.
 He won it for coming in second at a Western Mass home-brewers contest. Woot, woot!

I can always find a spot for black and white photos.

My dresser went from army green to a nice white and I love it. 

More jewelry- man I've got a lot!

I added some new hardware on the bottom three drawers; it matches the night stand hardware.

A simple curtain provides enough privacy at night.
Its been 5 months so far and no complaints from either of us.

There are still a few things I'd like to do including:
  • hang some matching art on either side of the white clock above the bed
  • replace Mike's wooden dresser since its on its last legs
  • possibly repaint the jewelry organizer blue- the green feels a bit bright for the space
But those are down the road changes that may not happen for a while once a baby enters the picture. At that point I'll probably just be thrilled if the bed is made. A girl can dream though right?

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