October 22, 2012

Spotlight: The New General Store

Posted by Laura

I stumbled across an online store called The New General Store while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Going Home to Roost.
"The New General Store was started in 2009 by designer Tricia Foley and Roy Hardin, they celebrate Long Island style with their signature collections, and their own designs and the best of the market place: white sponges, rosemary olive oils, wood garden tools, black tub trugs, great canvas market bags, steel firewood holders, classic wooden swings, blackberry jam and mint tea"
I just love everything about this store, and wish it was a place I could visit in person. For now, I'll just look at the pictures and imagine my house being filled with these items.



Earthenware Colander

Flour Sack Towels

Vessel Collection

Canvas Bag
They also keep a sweet blog, found here.

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