October 1, 2012

The Reveal: C and K's Wedding

Posted by Kristin

Alright, its finally time to check out the amazing photos from my sister's wedding, which happened back in August. Yup, its now October but somehow life got in the way of the last month and Baby Who has been making me slow way down, not something easy for someone like me. So without further ado, here's an insider's look at Catie and Kevin's wedding.

The Ceremony
The day was warm and sunny and perfect for an outdoor wedding. The who shebang took place at Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont. The ceremony was held in an outdoor lawn area adjacent to the beautiful Clay Brook Lodge.

Clay Brook at Sugarbush.

Helping the bride get ready!

Tears are pretty much a guarantee with my sister.

The ceremony site.

All the mason jars were donated by friends and family. The flowers
 were cut from my parent's house and assembled by family and friends on Friday.

Kevin was so excited to see his beautiful bride. He didn't look too shabby either!

Catie's best friend Laura and I were her matrons of honor.
And yes, the chair is for the constantly-tired pregnant woman.

Bella was walked down the aisle by my brother Jon. What a cute couple!

Catie was escorted by my parents, something I really loved seeing.

Gorgeous Dahhhling!

The all important vows.

My brother in-law-Brent (yup he's a pastor) looks on.
As soon as he gave them the green light, they went for it.

The view up to the top of Lincoln Peak.

Mr. and Mrs. Machak (and Baby Dobby). All lookin' fine.

Caleb went straight for some Bella love. And yes, that was a custom
wedding-day neck tie, made by your's truly. The things I do for my sister, I tell ya...

The wedding coordinator was really on the ball. She even had this
sign made up which coordinated with their wedding invitations.

The Party Reception

The reception was held at Timbers, a swanky restaurant that's a part of Clay Brook Lodge. 

The room didn't need much decor since it was pretty stellar all on its own.

Each table has a few mason jars of flowers and white
candles scattered across some log rounds Kevin cut at home.

Kevin's handi-work.

A last minute request of the bride.  Some burlap, white fabric, hot glue and a brown
sharpie came to the rescue. Thanks Aunt Ellen and Grandma for finishing it up!

Each table had a theme instead of a number. This table? You guessed it...the Bella table.

Guest seating cards.

A place to leave some thoughts for the newlyweds.

A card box I whipped together just before the big day.

The best cupcakes ever.


Mr. and Mrs. Hans. 

Wouldn't be complete without yours truly and our ever-growing bellies!
Baby Who got alot of love out on the dance floor that night.

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