November 20, 2012

DRÖNA Facelift Tutorial

Posted by Laura

Nursery work is fully under way here at our baby-is-coming-in-a-matter-of-weeks household. The major pieces of furniture have been in place for about a month, and now we're working on the details (which is my favorite part). One of the pieces of furniture we got is a double EXPEDIT shelf from IKEA. We got a few square baskets, a number of DRÖNA fabric bins, and left a few squares open for books and toys.


My friend Lauren uses the same system in her nursery and had the brilliant idea to cover her DRÖNA bins with fabric to customize the look (brilliant, right?!). To go along with our nautical theme, Caleb found this fabric (during our IKEA shopping spree) which seems to fit the bill perfectly.

-1 DRÖNA fabric bin (must be fabric)
-Fabric (see below for DRÖNA dimensions)
-No-Sew Hemming Tape (such as Stitch Witchery)
-Sewing machine and Iron

First, cut your fabric with 2" extra on each side to allow for a 1/2" hem. This will depending on how many sides of the bin you want to cover - one side 16" x 12", three sides 44" x 12", four sides 58" x 12". I chose to do three sides.

Next, top stitch a hem on each side, 1/2" wide. This will bring your final piece of fabric down to the exact size that you originally measured for the box.

Finally, place the no-sew fabric tape along the edges of the fabric and iron onto the bin (with the iron setting on wool).

And that does it.


  1. That came out really, really cute Laura! Kudos to Caleb for spotting the fabric! What a guy. :) A matter of weeks... so. awesome. xoxo