November 23, 2012

How To: Organize Your Fridge

Posted by Kristin

While many of us may still be recovering from Turkey-incuded comas, chances are our fridges are just as stuffed as our stomachs. And while a full fridge makes me happy, I know I can always learn a thing or two about how to maximize the storage capabilities of my fridge and freezer. Enter Real Simple. In the October 2012 issue, they had a handy article on organizing your fridge, including some surprising items that should be stored in there along with some items that shouldn't be.

Fridge Organization
Real Simple's 10 items that are commonly mis-stored in the fridge, via. 

Here's some things I learned from the fridge organization article:

  • Store packaged raw meat on the super-cold bottom shelf. That way if juices drip, they won't get on other food.
  • Veggies should be stored in high humidity drawers while fruits prefer low humidity. Veggies and fruits should also remain unwashed until they're ready to be used. Residual water can cause mold and bacteria growth.
  • Don't mix fruits and veggies in the same drawer. Many fruits emit gases that can cause certain veggies to wilt. 

What To Put In The Fridge
Here's some surprising items that benefit from cold storage. See the full list here.

  • Avocados: Once they start to ripen, it happens fast. If they're ripe, pop them in the fridge to help them last longer.

  • Homemade Cookies: They're stay fresher in the fridge than in the pantry.

  • Ripe Bananas: It always seems that our bananas ripen all at once. Once they're ripe, put them in the fridge until you're ready to eat them. The peels will turn black but the fruit will be fine.

What To Take Out of The Fridge
And finally, here are some items I thought needed cold storage. It turns out, they do fine at room temperature. See the full list here.

  • Coffee: I'm totally guilty of putting my whole bean coffee in the freezer but apparently its not the best spot for it since condensation can affect the flavor. It'll do better in an airtight jar in the pantry.

  • Hot Sauce: This was definitely a new one to me. I've kept our hot sauce in the fridge for years but apparently it can live happily in the pantry for up to three years.

So once that food coma wears off, hop up and burn some thanksgiving calories by organizing that fridge!

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