December 28, 2012

A DIY 30th Birthday Party

Posted by Kristin

Just one week ago, my lovely  hubby, Mike, turned the big 3-0. Two things he requested for his birthday were a kid before he was 30 (mission accomplished!) and a kegerator (a mini-fridge turned keg and CO2 holder, so its like a real tap at home). Callum is here and the kegerator is on its way from being built at my parents' house. But to add a bit more flair to this big birthday, I put together a little party for Mike to celebrate his thirty years so far.

When thinking about Mike, one thing that immediately comes to mind is music. He mainly plays guitar and bass and loves to bust out his rock band set. I recently caught this scenario on camera while I snuck away from cooking dinner.

Mike is getting this multi-tasking thing down. Holding a cranky baby while playing drums? Check.

So I wanted to incorporate a music theme into the party in a few small ways. One way was to make a simple music garland. All it took was craft paper, twine and some instruments printed out from Clip Art in Microsoft Word.

I cut the card stock a bit bigger than the white paper instruments, cut a long piece of twine and glued the white paper to the card stock with the twine in between  I did this several times down one piece of twine and did six total strands of garland. In order to have the effect I wanted, I decided hanging them all together would be best. The fan above the dining room table (where the desserts would be served) seemed the perfect spot.

I really like the way it came out and the way it added some festive flair to the room without being overkill. It also made me realize that I really need to finish Callum's mobile, since every time I walk by this with him, he just stares at it! There were a few other small touches I did throughout the house to add some more birthday flair.

I used pictures from Mike's childhood to make the 3 and pictures of our ten years together to make the 0.

Who are those young kids?

A spot for people to share their memories and birthday wishes for Mike.

Another diy garland, making sure everyone knew it was a birthday party and not a Christmas party!

Overall the party was a blast and Mike really enjoyed his birthday. Here's to 30 more great years!

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