December 18, 2012

Hunter - Gatherer

Posted by Laura

My husband recently won the grand prize at a Jack & Jill Party: a pheasant hunting trip for 4 in New York. Now, I think my husband is THE most manliest man in the entire world. Like, when I think of Man I think of him. He works hard at his job without a peep of complaint. He carried our 60 lb dog up and down 2 flights of stairs multiple times/day for 2 weeks when she sprained her back and couldn't go down the stairs on her own to go to the bathroom. He used to work on a lobster boat in Maine hauling traps, starting his work day at 2am each day six days per week. He has super strong hands and arms.  He has never called out sick from work. Ever. And all of these things he does quietly, without boast.

With all of that being said, he's a big softy. He is a very gentle man who loves people and animals (we've owned 2 animals that he's brought home from the animal clinic that he works at on Saturdays because they needed homes). When I saw the excitement on his face as he won the hunting trip, I was....surprised. I'm not going to lie, I doubted his ability to kill an animal.

However, it was like something primal was released in him. Man vs wild.

He loved every minute of it. He hunted and shot multiple birds, and brought them home. He has not stopped talking about this trip and is already planning his next one. What a stud.

He brought the birds home, and I took on the task of figuring out how to cook them. Pheasant is very lean, and if cooked poorly will come out dry and chewy. After scouring the internet for recipes and ideas, I found that most people suggested roasting the bird.

I followed Emeril's Roasted Pheasant recipe. The recipe calls for onions, carrots, and oranges to be stuffed into the bird. Since pheasant is so lean, it also calls for bacon to lay across the top. Mmmm.

I was not confident in my ability to execute this project, and resorted to the fact that the bird was going to end up dry and inedible (in fact, I had a cooked lasagna in the fridge as a back-up). I kept thinking of this scene from Christmas Vacation:

The bird came out of the oven, and it was...delicious! It actually tasted like a juicy roast (weird, right?). I was expecting chicken-taste, and got beef-taste. 

Given the theme, it seemed appropriate to rip the bird apart instead of cut it, demonstrated by Man here.

We feasted on the bird, along with sweet potatoes and vegetables. We even got a couple of pellets with our meal :-)

In the end, the bird looked like this. Garrrrrrr!

I love my husband. This was a fun experience, and he can hunt and gather anytime he'd like!

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