January 11, 2013

A Little Bit of Black and White

Posted by Kristin

If there's one room of my home that I'm constantly rearranging in my mind, its the living room. In this house, a lot happens in this room: tv watching, laptop lounging, tummy time, office work, laundry folding, eating...you name it, we do it in here.  And even though we had already switched the layout of the room once over the summer to make more room for Callum and his gear, it still wasn't jiving with me.

Here's how the room looked up until last week. Open and airy but still not quite right in my mind.

Here's a group of friends over this fall, while Laura works on her star mobile. Click to enlarge.

The main issues I had were the angled couch and the white shelf above the bookcase. I never could find any combination of things that I liked on the shelf but I kept trying to work with it. So I told my very-willing husband that once the new year hit and the Christmas tree was out, I wanted to switch things up. Surprisingly, he said yes (once again) and we set out to switch it all up on New Years Day.

The changing has begun....

The dining room table held everything mid-move.

The desk ended up where the white bookcase was. But I still just didn't like anything
on that shelf. I lived with these bottles up there for a week while I thought about what I wanted to do.

And this guy napped for about 3 hours while the whole switcheroo happened.
Without that nap, it wouldn't have happened!

After some thought, I remembered that I had all these black frames. I got some cheap craft paper,
cut out 5 inch squares and hung them up.

And then I stepped back to look.....

And by golly I liked it! 

We also hung this great "Breweries in the US" poster that
Mike got for Christmas above the newly located couch.

We still need something above the TV. I'm thinking something round and simple, like a mirror.

The newly-oriented bookcase also got some accents on top. Black numbers and a framed photo.

This time it was the play mat that bought me time to putter around.

So what was it that finally made this set up work? Stepping back and looking at the whole picture made me realize that we consistently added in black accents. Black frames above the desk. A black framed poster above the couch. Black accents on top of the book case. And then I started to notice other black accents in the room that had previously gone unnoticed, like black curtain rods, black electronics, a black printer on the desk- all things very visible but not adding much of anything before. Now, the black accents really pull everything together and also make the white furniture pop. There's still more details to be added but overall, we love the new orientation of the furniture and I love me some black accents.

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