January 1, 2013

A New [Year's] Day

Posted by Laura

Today. Today is New Years Day. That means new beginnings, a fresh year, and an excuse to do things different - I am always drawn to doing things different on New Years Day. So today, I assign you with the following things (if they are within reach or applicable to you). Now go get wild and crazy...

Call Someone
In these days of texting, facebook, email, and twitter, it is easy to forget about simple phone conversations. Call someone and really talk to them.

My Father-in-Law with his "old" flip phone; living a life that is
totally disconnected from Twitter and email.

Do it. Buy yourself something. Those pair of shoes you've been eyeballing. That throw pillow that is ridiculously expensive but worth the sacrifice. Pottery classes that you've always wanted to take "someday".

Wouldn't three of these spruce up my kitchen nicely?

Jump in the Ocean
Today's ocean tempurature in the North Atlantic is 39°F...yeeeeow! Okay okay, even though it feels like you're being stabbed by a million little knives, it's worth it and I promise you that it is THE most exhilarating and refreshing thing you will ever do. It's the perfect way to start the new year and feel rejuvenated.

Polar Bear Plunge, New Years Day 2007 - New Haven, CT

Look through Old Facebook Photos
If you're like me (29 ish) and have had facebook since college (2006 ish - I was a late college go'er), then your facebook profile is a large photo album of some very memorable moments in your life. Spend sometime today reminiscing over your old vacations, profile pictures and embarrassing moments.

Here's the first photo I was tagged in:

Family photo from a wedding in VT. circa 2006
My first status update:
Laura Christmann is: watching the snow fall 

So, those are just some things that will make today feel a little different than the usual. Now, go enjoy your day. Oh yea, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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