January 15, 2013

Merric's Nautical Nursery

Posted by Laura

If you're reading this post it means that I am officially on my PEC maternity leave! What a better way to start these pre-written posts than with a nursery reveal?

We decided over the summer that we wanted to go with a nautical theme, regardless of the gender. We're so happy with it since the sea offers up many options for decor :)

Due to limited closet space, we purchased two EXPEDIT shelves from IKEA, and we love the storage they provide. We left a few open for books and toys. 

Branches from a "love tree" that was given to us when we got married. We killed the tree (eek!, not the tree you want to kill) but kept the branches. The painting of the teddy bear was painted and given to me by my oldest brother a number of years ago.  The jar of rocks are from my baby shower. The lantern was a find at the Christmas Tree Shops boutique. 

Such an amazing piece of art; a sailboat made from driftwood in Nova Scotia. Given to us by my sister-in-law. Caleb and I honeymooned in Nova Scotia, and will always feel endearingly happy about it. This gift meant a lot to us.

Nautical picture frames from "Gram" (Caleb's mom). 

Lots of great clothes. We are blessed by so many people in our lives who either passed clothes onto us, or gifted us new ones.

Caleb built this hope chest as a wedding gift for me. I. Love. It. It is now our changing table.

These picture frames (soon-to-be completely filled) are attached to rope that is hanging from boat cleats. They turned out exactly as Caleb and I had envisioned them.

The basket to the right of our changing pad is filled with essentials. We're going to start with newborn disposable diapers, then transition into g-diapers once he's big enough (we have size small-large in the g-diapers, but no newborn).

Music is always playing in our home. Since the nursery used to be our office, we decided to keep the already-installed-and-split-to-the-kitchen speakers. Baby needs music.

His crib is near the window so he can look out and see the wonders of the world (which are quite "wondrous" in the city we live in). His sea of stars mobile hangs from the ceiling above.

A ship wheel.

The curtains are torn and un-ironed to create a shipwrecked feel.

Along the same lines as the curtains, the linen crib skirt is torn and un-ironed.

A basket next to the rocking chair holds burp cloths and swaddles. A combination of handmade ones, aden + anais, and Gerber's prefolds.

A small ship, looking out into the world.

Thanks to my new handy-dandy iPhone 5, I was able to snap some panoramic shots.

One last part of the nursery that's not really part of the nursery...a cradle in our room.

It was built by my great great grandfather in 1885, and now sits in our bedroom nearly 130 years later. It's in pretty good shape too!

And so the adventures begin...

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