January 4, 2013

Pin, Cook, Eat: Recipes in Review

Posted by Kristin

Out of all the categories on Pinterest that I pin from, recipes are the ones that receive the most follow through on my part. Its easy to pin various art projects or furniture that I love, but while I can't eat a desk, I can eat a raspberry cream tart (definitely worth making again by the way). Here are some recipes I've made lately and how they turned out. The big questions always are 1) would I make it again and 2) if so, would I modify it?

Chocolate Chip-Peanut Butter Cup-Double Stuffed Oreo-Brownies (aka The Slutty Brownie)

Mike and I both pinned this recipe a while ago and he decided that there was no better occasion to bust out this extravagance than for his 30th birthday party. The recipe was surprisingly easy to make, assuming you use pre-made cookie dough. It's really just about layering one delicious treat over another. I think my favorite part was cutting it into pieces and seeing the different layers stacked up.


  • Would I make it again? Yes with a capitol Y! 
  • Would I modify it? Not one bit. If I was really feeling ambitious I suppose I could make homemade cookie dough but the store bought was still really good. One thing I would do is serve this all by itself. The brownies are really good but very rich so they can definitely stand on their own, at most, accompanied by a tall glass of milk. Mmmmm. I may go grab one of out the freezer now....

I'm always looking for good slow cooker recipes, especially now that I have an accomplice when I make dinner who often wants my attention (aka Callum). Something about throwing a bunch of stuff into the crock pot and letting it cook all day is really satisfying and simple. This recipe was very easy to prepare and tasted pretty good over barley (an alternative to the more traditional brown rice). Served with some sauteed broccoli, it was an all around good meal. 

  • Would I make it again? Yes, mainly because its a decent slow cooker meal.
  • Would I modify it? I may substitute half the honey (about 1 cup) with brown sugar instead. I also used toasted sesame oil instead of veggie oil which added more flavor. Overall it was pretty good just as is.

These looked like a really quick, fresh dinner and I always go for anything in a wrap or tortilla. 
They were very easy to prepare; probably the most flavorful part of the wrap was the guacamole.

  • Would I make it again? Maybe, but not anytime soon. 
  • Would I modify it? I substituted sour cream for the creme freche mostly because that's what we had on hand. I would also try spinach instead of water cress.

Chowders and chilis are some of my favorite soups to make and corn chowder is right at the top. This seemed like an interesting twist on the traditional corn chowder and bacon always has a place in almost any recipe. It was super easy and fast to make and smelled delicious, mainly from the smoked bacon I was using! 

  • Would I make it again? Yes, absolutely.
  • Would I modify it? I would add more bacon and potatoes to thicken it a bit more. Other than that, it was very good just as the recipe was written.

What are some of your favorite recipes you've pinned lately?

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