January 25, 2013

Pine-ing For A Desk Top

Posted by Kristin

A little while back, I shared some pictures of my living room switcheroo.  One of the easiest pieces of furniture to move around was the desk. Why is that? Because it comes apart lickety split.  I got the desk from Good Will over the summer for that very reason. The two base cabinets are attached to the desk top with L brackets, so its sturdy when it's set up but very easy to take apart. However, it was clear from the moment we bought the desk that a new desk top was in order at some point. Orange laminate doesn't quite jive with me.

Enter my brother, Jon. He's quite the diy-er and isn't afraid of a carpentry project or two. Way back in 2007, he promised to make Mike and I a coffee table for a wedding gift. Well, its now 2013 and do we have that coffee table? Nope. But we don't really need one right now either since we have a perfectly fine white coffee table. What do we need? A desk top. So I simply switched my request from a coffee table to a desk top and counted my blessings that I didn't have to make one myself. Even this diy-er likes a break sometimes.

I started looking around on Pinterest this summer for white desks with wood tops. The two desks that caught my eye the most were from other blogs, with full tutorials on how they constructed the desk tops.

Aubrey and Lindsay made their own desk top out of pine boards and Ikea base cabinets.

John and Sherry, from Young House Love, constructed a 13 foot desk top!

After seeing how these desk tops were constructed, I decided I wanted to follow suit.

White base cabinets? Check.
Rough pine boards for the top? Yes please.
A rich-colored medium to dark stain? You betcha.

So I busted out my measuring tape, noted the dimensions of the existing top, took some pictures to send to Jon and wrote up an email with all the info, including two stain colors I'm debating between.

Either Minwax Fruitwood or Dark Walnut.

I'll see what my brother thinks and go from there. So the order is placed and now I just get to sit back and pine for my new desk top. Stay tuned for the finished product!

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