January 29, 2013

Raising an Issue

Posted by Laura

My husband built this gorgeous hope chest by hand for me as a wedding gift. We wanted to use it in the nursery as a changing table, but ran into a little issue. It's at lower thigh level, making it a little too short for a changing table.

I got a brilliant idea from Kristin to hoist it up on fabric-covered cinder blocks. So, Caleb and I picked these up for $1 each at Home Depot.

I had a package of cloth diapers that were too big to make burp clothes out of, so I put them to use.

I went outside for plenty of ventilation and used low oder spray glue. I wrapped the blocks like presents. This photo is of the first block, which was a hack job, as I was trying to figure out a method. 

Eventually I covered them all, and after letting them dry thoroughly we placed them under the chest. 

Not only did this bring the hope chest up to hip level, but provided extra storage underneath.

blocks and trains, what every boy needs

Just to give you some perspective, I did a 5 minute photoshop job to place me in the room. Ugly sweater party photo?

Ok, so you'd have to be in the room to really see the full effect of the cinder blocks, but you get the point. :)

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  1. Excellent use of photoshop, as per usual. I like that the lovechest now holds the lovechild! <3