January 18, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Posted by Kristin

I'm taking a break from creating this week and focusing on spending a little time in the great outdoors. I love winter. Give me a steady snowfall, a warm jacket and good boots and I'm one happy camper. This winter has been off to a decent start and I've been able to get outside this week and enjoy the recent snowfall. Earlier in the week I got some riding in with my dad and brother at a nearby ski area and it felt pretty darn good. But yesterday I had an itch to get out again, this time with Callum in tow. How you may ask?

When there's too much snow to go running, I strap on these babies:

After strapping on this baby, of course. 

I went to a nearby golf course which is a prime spot for snowshoeing. The views are gorgeous, especially with the sun shining through the snow-covered trees.

Happy, sleeping baby equals happy momma.

Even the drive there was nice.  

I realize winter isn't everyone's cup of tea but for this New Englander, I love me some snow. Throw in a lovable, napping baby that just snoozes in his carrier and I've got one good morning going on.

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