February 26, 2013

Five Days

Posted by Laura

On a Monday my husband's only brother was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia. His lungs filled with blood and his body went septic. Five days later his heart stopped and he died. He was 29 years old.

In those five days a facebook page called Updates on Seth was created, and reached 68,000 viewers. In those five days a movement called "Random Acts of Kindness Inspired by Seth" or better known as "Random Acts of Sethness" started where people did acts of kindness in his name. This lifted spirits and gave people hope. You see, Seth valued kindness, human connections, and people's stories. That is everything this movement is about.

Go do something kind today, and think of Seth. See other's at www.actsofsethness.blogspot.com.

Merric with his Uncle Seth...01/05/13

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