February 15, 2013

No Spending for 2013

Posted by Kristin

Always on the look out for ways to save a dime, a news story on the Today Show recently caught my eye.

"Minimalist mom vows to spend nothing on her kid in 2013" (full article available here).

Wowza! I'm a bargain hunter through and through, but spending nothing? That's quite the challenge. The news segment also featured an interview with another woman who hasn't bought anything new in five years.

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While that sounds extreme (and in many ways, it is), I realized that many of the steps she takes to avoid buying new I already put into practice. Good Will and I are tight and I know many of the other thrift shops in the area to scope out for certain items. Garage sales call my name come spring and I know Mr. Craig and his list very well. I've also gotten many items handed down from family and friends or have found them on Freecycle . But this woman's spunk stirred something in me. I'm not saying I'm ready to commit to a full five year binge from buying new items (even she said she buys certain things new-like underwear- duh!) but it did make me scratch my head and think about what I could possibly get used before heading off to the store.

In the last year or so it seems we're really been blessed with many things coming to us completely free. Some of them we sought out and found quickly and some of the items were simply offered to us. Many of the items we received were things we wanted or needed but we had a little time to wait and see what came our way. More often than not, we eventually ended up getting what we needed at no cost. Here's a list of somethings we've recently gotten for free:

  • A jogging stroller and car seat
  • An extra car seat base
  • A double electric breast pump (just ordered new plastic parts)
  • Countless baby clothes
  • A perfectly working juicer (Mike wanted this for months)
  • A high-end tread mill
  • A dining room table and 6 chairs
  • Tons of baby/kid books
  • The grand finale- a new microwave to relace the old one I blew up. Yup, within one week we had a new one!
So I guess in hindsight, sometimes it pays off to poke around a bit and see if someone has what you need. And a good old dose of patience to wait for what you want certainly doesn't hurt either.

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