February 1, 2013

Yeah, So That Just Happened

Posted by Kristin

Sometimes I have some pretty bright ideas. And sometimes a bright idea can go horribly wrong. Like really, really wrong. But in an effort to be real in the blogosphere we PECers have to share our failures right along with our successes.

Evidence of the failure. Oh just wait....

Go back a few weeks. Mike and I were sitting at our kitchen island eating lunch before heading out to do some errands. I had just fed Callum and was anxious to get going soon so we could maximize our time out before he would need to eat again. I also realized that I needed to add a little more heft to my lunchtime salad if I was going to have energy for the afternoon. So I thought a hard boiled egg sliced into my salad would be a good, quick and healthy source of protein. Protein for me equals energy. But being the short-cut-taker that I am, I decided that I would try to hard boil the egg in the microwave instead of on the stove. After all, it would just take way too long for water to boil and cook the egg.

Now, there are two things to take into account before you scratch your head wondering how I ever thought this was a good idea.

1. I cook eggs in the microwave all the time. But they're cracked into a bowl and not still in the shell. I would come to find out that this was an important difference.

2. Science was not my strongest subject in school and I never took physics. I was more of a history girl.

Alright, getting back to the story...

So I took an egg, put it in a small bowl of water and placed it into the microwave for three minutes. I checked it after the first three minutes but could tell it wasn't cooked. I put it on for another three minutes and it seemed less liquidy inside when I shook it. So I started to crack it open but soon saw that the yolk wasn't quite hard. So I put it back in for another three minutes. I then sat down at the kitchen island with my back to the pantry, where the microwave is.

Not shortly thereafter, we were greated with a loud explosion from the pantry. The sound alone made me jump which then made Callum cry, since I was holiding him. I slowly turned my head and saw that the microwave door had blown open and there was glass, hot water and hard boiled egg all over the floor and walls of the pantry.  That's right, the egg had exploded. The explosion was so forceful that it blew open the microwave door and shattered not only the bowl but also the glass plate that stays in the microwave.

Sorry for the poor quality but this is what you get when life happens and you only have a camera phone nearby.

After standing there for a few seconds completely stunned, we started laughing really, really hard while simultaneously trying to calm down Callum- to no avail. So in true husbandly love, Mike cleaned up the mess while I fed Callum to calm him down. And to top all of this off, that darn egg stunk! It smelled like a rotten egg in the pantry for days, even after every surface was thoroughly cleaned. We also realized that, while funny, it was a good thing neither of us were standing in the pantry when the egg exploded or else we would have had really hot water and broken glass all over us.

Stuff went everywhere!

So, needlesss to say, don't try to hard boil an egg in the microwave. Trust me on this one. Oh, and as of Sunday, our microwave is now dead. I guess this wasn't the brightest idea after all...

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