March 5, 2013


Posted by Laura

Pinterest is a double edged sword. It's very inspiring, but tricks you into thinking life is supposed to look polished and perfect. Life is not polished. It is scuffed up. I like scuffed up. I like nicks on the surface of my kitchen table and spit-up stains on the shoulders of my shirts. That means that I'm living my life, not watching it and protecting it.
This is why I love the website pinstrosity. Pinstrosity showcases failed pinterest projects. Now I LOVE pinterest, but pinstrosity brings me back to reality. From their about page:
Pinstrosity began one evening as the ladies and their handsome husbands made a night
of movies, desserts, and talking about the various projects they were up to. “How fun would it be to showcase all our recently failed attempts to recreate Pinterest projects?!” They began that night and have been typing and Pin testing like mad-women ever since!
So I have my own pinstrosity. From my "yum" board, I made Slow Cooker Thai Chicken & Shrimp. Well, let's just say it wasn't as pretty as the original pin. In fact, mine looked like Tillie's vomit after she ate my bottle of vitamin B6.

The Original
Original Pin

I gathered all of my ingredients...

Started up the slow cooker, and let it cook all day...ingredients blending and filling the air with goodness.

And then...the result. Oh my.

Thanks to the ladies at Pinstrosity and their honesty, I don't feel like a complete weirdo with the way my version turned out! Go check Pinstrosity out and have a good laugh!

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