About PEC

It all started one afternoon when we were lamenting the lack of creativity we felt in our 9-5 lives. We envisioned the day when we would write a blog and log all of our ideas for home projects, cooking and gardening in one central place. After spewing out a bunch of ideas, we sighed and said “someday”. Getting ready to go check out a curbside find, we realized that “someday” might as well be today and the blog started taking shape...only after Kristin officially wrote it on Laura’s kitchen chalkboard.

Barnes and Noble provided our coffee drinks of choice and ample space to hash out our plans. As our brainstorming session wrapped up, we set up our next work date (we were on a mission after all) and did our assigned tasks......the rest is history.

At plant. eat. create. (PEC for short) our goal is to dig into three of our biggest passions. We love to see green grow, know the food we eat, and make the things we love.

On any given day you may find posts on cleaning tips, organization, diy projects, seasonal recipes, container gardening and occasionally read about how Kristin uses a lot of horticultural lingo that Laura doesn’t understand (how exactly does a plant have “wet feet”?). What it all comes down to is....we’ve got 3 passions, we’re 2 friends, and we lay it all out on 1 blog. Enjoy!

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photo courtesy of art & lemons

Laura M. - PEC Co-Blogger
I live in Western Massachusetts with my beefy electrician husband and our sweet black lab, Tillie. We live in an early 20th century (and sometimes drafty) apartment with “eclectic” character. We’ve got a range of decades covered with our 1920’s trim and 70‘s wood paneled dishwasher that would make Jan Brady drool.

I started college off with an associates in web design and eventually transitioned into social work, completing my bachelor's with a BSW. Currently I am a medical social worker by day. By night I am a bread baker, graphic designer (accredited designer at Design Contest), professional shower singer, sewer, and 1st baseman for our church’s softball team. I love the details of design and have no problem spending hours hand-stitching monogrammed letters onto a handmade napkin or sanding a refinished chair until it’s just right. The term “homemaker” sort of makes me cringe however this movement of women reclaiming their roles at home really resonates with me. This blog has fed my passionate curiosity for things and I am constantly inspired to do new things.

I love being surrounded by community. I love sewing things for people. I love carbs. I love refinishing furniture. I love spending time with friends around a kitchen table. I love good coffee and I recently discovered a love for Robert Duvall westerns (yes...really). Contact Laura at planteatcreate@gmail.com. Visit her etsy shop at www.etsy.com.


Kristin Thomas - PEC Co-Blogger
I grew up in the sticks of western Massachusetts with plans to become a backcountry snowboard guide. After taking one landscape architecture class for my Outdoor Recreation Management major at UVM, I fell in love with landscape design. This led to an obsession with design in general and thus started my road to PEC.

I went on to complete an intensive masters program in Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning at this kick-arse school and now feed my love of design (and my belly) by working as a regional planner and running my own landscape design and planning practice, Taking Root Design. I still love playing in the dirt and the snow (hello powder days) and also love my main man Jesus and the hubby He sent me (a Red Sox loving, 5th-grade teaching head-turner).

We make our home in South Hadley, MA in a 19th century Victorian-ish apartment house which is the playground for my constantly changing design palette. I'm known to go to extremes to reach a design goal, including using my bathtub to wash dirt covered windows that were found buried in the woods (a real bargain) or turning my living room into a wood shop (I really needed an extra leaf for my dining room table). I love drinking good strong coffee and nice, hoppy beer. I’m mildly obsessed with plants of all sorts, love growing my own food, and believe everything is better when good design is involved. Contact Kristin at planteatcreate@gmail.com or view her professional webpage at www.takingrootdesign.com.


It started as an idea, developed into a conversation, and blossomed into a blog. Thanks for visiting.  Contact us at planteatcreate@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you!