We both love to plant things and some people take it a little more serious than others....(we won’t mention Kristin’s name (oops) but she likes to “call herself a professional”).

So, back to planting...three ideas we value - health, wealth, and sustainability. You might ask “what the heck does that mean?”. Well, practically speaking it means...

  • Eating fresh and healthy meals 
  • Knowing that the food we’ve grown is pesticide free and can be picked at its peak...which means no need for preservatives 
  • Napping under a nice shade tree we’ve planted 
  • Going outside and getting our hands dirty

  • Walking outside and seeing a bountiful vegetable garden 
  • Resting at the top of the mountain being thankful for God’s creation 
  • Knowing where our food comes from 
  • Saving money by planting our own food 
  • Connecting with traditions of generations past 

  • Fostering an organic and natural approach to gardening 
  • Cultivating healthy, chemical-free soil (au-naturale fertilizer baby, you know what that means...) 
  • Using the resources that nature provides such as compost and natural pest control 
  • Lowering our carbon footprint